Women's Black Mesh Walking Shoe by A New Day Comfort Slip On White Sole

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Very airy athletic walking shoes made for Target by A New Day.  They have a firmly cushioned insole and a solid white rubbery bottom sole. It is about an inch or more thick across the entire bottom of the shoe.  These shoes go on somewhat like a scuba footie with similar stretchy, but vented material.  The tongue and areas around the foot are stretchy.   It has  no laces and a nice big textile pull tab to help you get them on and off.  

The toe area is lined so it does not ventilate at the toes. The back of the heel area is also lined and does not ventilate. Only the middle parts of the shoe are ventilated.

 There is a very thick one piece white sole on the bottom of the shoes.  No extra glued on rubbery parts are added so there is nothing to peal off or wear off over time.  This thick sole should last and last.
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